St. Anthony’s Church

Children's Liturgy

Our parish welcomes the full participation of children of all ages in the celebration of the Mass.

Special provision in the form of the Children’s Liturgy is made weekly (excluding school holidays) at the 9.30am Sunday Mass.

 We try to ensure that Children’s Liturgy is an enjoyable experience for the children which nurtures their relationship with God as equal members of our Parish community.

“Children’s Liturgy” is actually the “Liturgy of the Word for Children.”

We cover the Gospel of the day at a level the children can understand and enjoy. We enrich this with discussion, prayers, songs and plays. (Our annual Christmas Nativity play usually means standing room only at the designated Mass.)

We also try to raise awareness of God’s love, the humanity of Jesus, the Seasons of the Church, the understanding of symbols in the Mass and the context of the Bible.

 Approximately once a month the children fully participate in a Family Mass. Our aim is to make the children’s experience of church meaningful, whilst helping them to grow in the faith of the Catholic Church and develop as full and active members of our Parish Community.

Children’s liturgy leaders and anyone interested meet approximately three times a year (usually a lovely supper included) to plan activities and organise a rota.

If you think you can help in any way we would always be delighted to hear from you.

Please contact:

Anne Chapple  01404 814652

Debbie Kerr     01404 814422 - mobile 07939 145008